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Seek legal counsel from a family and personal injury lawyer in Leesville, LA

The legal system can often seem confusing and intimidating. When you have legal issues or disputes that need to be resolved, wading through the complex steps and procedures can be a daunting task. That's why you need an experienced lawyer to stand by your side. Contact Wayne Bush, Attorney at Law to retain a skilled family and personal injury lawyer in the Leesville, LA area.

Attorney Wayne Bush has years of experience to handle a wide variety of legal matters such as military divorce and auto accidents. He's an accomplished personal injury lawyer and family lawyer with countless successful cases in the Leesville, LA area. Don't delay your legal representation. Call 337-378-0051 now for caring and compassionate legal counsel in Leesville, LA.

Why is attorney Wayne Bush the right choice for you?

Wayne Bush, Attorney at Law is dedicated to upholding the rights of his clients. When you need legal advice and representation, contact attorney Bush to benefit from:

  • Experience-spending over 15 years in the courtroom, attorney Bush knows the best methods and practices to get you what you deserve.
  • Compassion-attorney Wayne Bush is devoted to giving you and your family a fair chance at a successful future
  • Honest communication-with a free initial consultation and open dialogue throughout your legal process, attorney Bush ensures you feel in control of your case

The success of your legal venture starts with the meticulous planning and resourceful counsel of a legal professional. Speak with attorney Wayne Bush today to retain a personal injury and family lawyer in Leesville, LA.


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