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Understand Your Rights in Military Divorce Proceedings

Divorce proceedings are already a deeply emotional and confusing experience, but military divorces have unique elements that can further complicate the situation. You don't have to go through this alone. Hire a skilled military divorce attorney in Leesville or Fort Polk, Louisiana.

Wayne Bush will help you navigate every step of the divorce proceeding. Make sure you have a powerful ally looking out for your family's best interests. Call me today to retain a divorce attorney based out of Leesville, Louisiana, and serving Fort Polk, Louisiana.

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What Makes a Military Divorce Different?

There are a few key differences between a military divorce and civilian divorce proceedings. These differences include:

  • Allocation of military benefits

  • Property division rules

  • Child custody factors related to deployment

Ex-spouses benefit from the United Services Former Spouses Protection Act, which includes unique protections for pensions and other benefits. Your military divorce lawyer knows all the laws surrounding military divorce in the state of Louisiana and can represent you with your best interests in mind.

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