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Property Division Attorney
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One of the most important negotiations in any divorce is over property division. It may seem like it will be a fairly simple process at first, but the further you look, the more complicated property division becomes. That's why you need a skilled property division attorney from Bush Law.

Based in Leesville, Louisiana, I serve clients in Fort Polk, Vernon Parish, Sabine Parish, and Beauregard Parish. I understand the ins and outs of property division laws and will help you get what's rightfully yours. Discuss the details of your separation with me now.

I will strive for what is owed to you. Contact me today for help.

Leave Nothing Unexamined

Property refers to any and all assets accumulated before or during your marriage. Barring any decisions made in pre-or post-nuptial agreements, your attorney will have to sift through:

  • Retirement accounts

  • Inheritances

  • Mortgages

  • Car loans

  • Credit card debts

  • Real estate properties

  • Wills and trusts

There are also common issues uncovered such as marital fraud and hidden assets. Meet with your property division attorney in the Leesville or Fort Polk, Louisiana, area today to start gathering evidence to be used at the negotiating table.