Fighting for Custody of Your Child?

Fighting for Custody of Your Child?

Speak with a skilled child custody attorney in Leesville or Fort Polk, LA

Children are often the ones most deeply affected by divorce. If you're going through a separation that involves children, it's never safe to assume who will be granted custody. The court bases its decision on many factors, so it's important to hire a child custody attorney who will fight for you. Wayne Bush, Attorney at Law can take on your case in Leesville or Fort Polk, LA.

Our family law firm serves clients throughout Vernon Parish, Sabine Parish and Beauregard Parish. Attorney Wayne Bush is an experienced custody attorney who will always keep the best interests of your child in focus. Hire a compassionate child custody attorney now.

Defend your parental rights

Having custody of your child gives you the power to make important life decisions that will impact their future, such as education, visitation and health care. In general, Louisiana courts prefer to grant joint custody to both parents, but other factors are weighed, including:

  • The quality of each parent's relationship with the child
  • The mental and physical capacities of each parent
  • The primary ability of each parent to take care of the child

Your custody attorney will stand by your side during negotiations, ensuring you have the best chance at a favorable outcome. Reach out to us today at 337-378-0051 for a consultation.

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